Saturday, August 05, 2006

Clarification, Assholes!

To begin with, the Alien Panda blog is not, and never has been, a secret forum where I express my views about different animals; this is obviously neccessitated by allegations of beasteality. In fact the blog was only started after NB started this blog!

Moving along I'm going to try and add a link to a bbc documentary that I've just watched and that deserved to be seen. NB and I had a long conversation about the role of Hizbullah and what role it plays in middle eastern politics and why I have an absolute distaste for them; though not exactly related the documentary looks at Islamic charities (another topic that we touched upon). Do let me know what you guys think.


ayla said...

An "absolute distaste" for an organisation/charity that:
a) provides democratic representation to the some 40% of Muslim Shias living in Lebanon
b) secures Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon which includes security measures and charitable contributions
c) runs several charities for otherwise disenfranchised Muslim Shias in Lebanon
d) grew as a resistance to Israeli aggression and occupation and finally succeeded in 2000 to get them to leave.
e) is widely respected and loved among Muslims and provides a great degree of psychological security to many Lebanese and Palestine refugees over and above the Muslim Shia.
f) has never directly targetted civilians (except until now.)

There are other things... my point is, I can understand one disliking Hezbollah, but "absolute dislike" I cannot. Compared to other insurgent organisations, ideological groups and state defense forces and all the sleaze, propoganda and harm that comes from them, I think Hezbollah is doing well for having not sunk so low.

ayla said...

Also, I don't think liking or disliking is really an issue... it's more appreciating the fact that Hezbollah has developed as an almost natural result of a number of awful circumstances and it is currently the victim here... Hezbollah needs a hug. Furthermore, it is an exciting and fitting presence in the midst of middle eastern politics.

NB said...

Agree completley with Aylas first comment. Also glad to see someone well informed standing up to what i feel (you could say presume i guess) is a presumptive opinion.

As for the second comment, all ill say is that it's very Ayla esque. And that i disagree

Alien Panda said...

I of course disagree with both your posts Ayla. Hezbollah does not provide 'democratic representation' for the Shias. At 40% of the Lebanese population (70% of the Muslims) the Shias represent teh largest demographic group in Lebanon and at its best Hezbollah has only won 10% of the seats. Done get me wrong, I think there is a lot of support for Hezbollah, and from all quarters of Lebanon (Muslims and Christians), just not politically.

I agree that Hezbollah has done a lot of charity work for Palestinian refugees across the Arab world. However, what is more important to assess here is why this is so. For all tehor support of Hezbollah, Arab regimes and people, still consider Palestinians as second class citizens, with limited rights. This brings me to an earlier point by NB where he had noted the neccessity of an external 'other' (i.e. Israel) as a unifier for all muslims. Pakistan is another example where the presence of an 'other' (India) ahs not led to a unification of all, in fact there were more fatalities as a result of sectarian violence last year than as a result of militant actions against India. Yes Israelis are screwing over the Palestinians but the other Arabs havent been all that kind either (and not just the regimes).

Perhaps my biggest grievance is that Hezbollah does a dis-service to the Palestinian cause by tainting it with a vision of a pan-Islamic caliphate (Hezbollah's main objective).

Also consider what would happen id there was a viable peace solution, that would be a death blow to Hezbollah. It does not have near enough the support of Hamas in Palestine (it is Shia), and its electoral support in Lebanon is hardly encouraging. I have a big problem with theological politics, especially in a multi-religious community. Yes an Islamic revolution worked in Iran, but you just have to look at Algeria where the Islamic sectarian parties turned on each other. The point when a party operates upon the purity of its vision it will always seek an impure being upon which to impose its dictat; at the moment for Hezbollah the greatest evil is Israel, but the Christicans and other variants of Islam still remain the lesser evils.

Oh and you can not call the Shias of Lebanon a 'disenfranchised' group, they are the largest denomination. And your very assertion that Hezbollah charities are working for the Shias in Lebanon validates my earlier point aboutt sectarianism.

And your statement that Hezbollah does not target civilians is just plain wrong. A bomb blast at a pizzeria or a club does kill civilians, as do rockets fired in settlements; Israeli civilians are still civilians! The other civilisans being targeted are the 18 year old Palestinians on whom the bombs are strapped.

But perhaps my absolute distaste for Hezbollah is a result of watching a video distributed by Hezbollah of 10 year old kids singing and dancing adn performing a song 'give us Klashnikovs adn the square will be filled with blood; give us a bomb and the gates of heaven will open for us with the blood of Israelis' and some more bollocks about martryom. These are 10 year old Kids!! so yes i am absolutely, most positively sickened to my gut by Hezbollah and wish them anything but good. They do not deserve a hug, Ayla.

And this crap about martrydom has gone on too long, if you belive in religion and in Islam then you ought to realise that Hezbollah is sentencing children to eternal torture.

[2:195] You shall spend in the cause of GOD; do not throw yourselves with your own hands into destruction. You shall be charitable; GOD loves the charitable.
[ 4:30] Anyone who commits these transgressions, maliciously and deliberately, we will condemn him to Hell. This is easy for GOD to do.