Sunday, August 27, 2006

Quote of the day II

"Bugti's death will only add to the growing fears about the country's future and the danger inherent in a policy of killing political opponents rather than holding a dialogue with them."

Ahmed Rashid, in his column on BBC. I will not for one second pretend that I know more about Pakistani politics than Ahmed Rashid. But calling Bugti a "political opponent" is letting him off quite lightly. The man was responsible, sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly, for the deaths of Pakistani soldiers and the destruction and bombing of gas pipelines.

As I said in an earlier post, I think of him as a terrorist. For the record, I think Islamabad has treated Balochistan far too shabbily and unfairly, and I'm not just speaking of this present government. But Ahmed Rashid writes his column as if he believes only one side is wrong in this conflict. And that's not true.


Alien Panda said...

NOthing to do with the post, but this new green used for the headline is damn dirty, almost makes me queasy. But hey if you like it then thats that; now if I had been Bugti, you'd be torturously rotting in my jail.

Alien Panda said...

Thank you NB. I can see your finger prints on all of Ahsan's psots, you've been alligning them, etc haven't you. I'll give you something ebtter to do, write me 2000 words on the imposition of western legal traditions upon the indigenous peoples of the colonies. C'mon, one of you two better write it.

Alien Panda said...
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