Tuesday, September 19, 2006

C Raja Nostradamus?

I read this piece in the Indian Express before the Havana meeting between Musharraf and Manmohan. His thoughts on a joint mechanism to deal with terrorism are fairly uncanny to say the least, given what actually transpired. Clearly, he's better at doing the whole prediction thing than me. As the three readers (and I know there are three because I emailed them and told them to read it) of this blog know, I predicted an easy win for Man United if Thierry Henry was not 100% fit. Well, he wasn't. And Arsenal won. (For the record, I've had much worse predictions in my time. Before the India-Australia 2001 series - the Laxman/Harbajhan series - I predicted in the Herald that the recently recalled Matthew Hayden would struggle mightily against the spin, and should not have been brought back into the team. He only went on to score 549 runs at 110 with a double hundred, a hundred, a 90-odd and a 70-0dd. In three tests.)

Back to the issue at hand, however. I'm really pleased the two of them got a chance to meet and that the Mumbai blasts only cost us two months. In the past, something like that - even though there was no evidence implicating Pakistan in any serious way - would have set the peace process back years. It speaks to the goodwill created over the last two and a half years that we're back on track. I just wish, as the Daily Times does, that the Indian media would wait a few days before going completely insane and blaming us for terrorist attacks, robberies, rapes, the Chappell/Ganguly mess and their HIV/AIDS problem. And more than the media, I wish the BJP would just chill the fuck out. Seriously. To their (well, Vajpayee's anyway) enormous credit, they helped get the ball rolling on this. Now they should just shut up and let Manmohan carry on what they started.


NB said...

dude i had called the Arsenal Win. I am the man.

Moss J said...

Great post brother.
At first i was about to ignore because it was about football and i am more of a hockey afficonda.
But i like how you address the peace talks.
My only challenge is where your conclusion where you give credit for BJP for initiating peace. Please dont bandy out credit where it is not due. I know you try to be very fair, as show by your non-hatred for Israel. But please realise this is politics. At the time BJP was getting quite a stick for their ultra right wing stance and Congress was getting all plaudits. BJP's effort to "get ball rolling" was nothing more than a political move to try to cater to the leftist. As seen by the article which you posted, they are not all sincere about peace with muslims outside their country, let alone within.
I apologuze if i seem overly bised against BJP. However it is my view that politicaly motivated concessions should not be applauded.