Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Master's Degree in Cricket Diplomacy?
Having been kicked out of a pub for protesting that they should switch over from the football (Wales v. Brazil) and put on the Pakistan v England cricket game (I might have mentioned that the Welsh are crap and sleep with sheep!) I ended up following the cricket online at the Guardian website. They have the best coverage of the game by far and it can at times be ridiculously funny. Anyhow, I came across a comment by some random woman who happens to be researching her Master's degree on cricket and International Relations! How cool is that? Check out her brand spanking new blog here.

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Emily said...

I am the random woman who has jsut handed in my thesis on cricket diplomacy...
I'm hoping to put it up on the web sometime (once it's been marked I guess).
Anyway doing the research was brilliant. My tutors thought I was insane when I first suggested it, but then I showed them how much has been written about the topic in the South Asian press (and a few academic journals), they begrudgingly oked the topic. Anyway keep checking my blog, as I am adding more cricket-related thoughts when i can...