Thursday, September 14, 2006

What software is this guy using?

Look, I'm from Karachi. Lived there pretty much my entire life. And I can safely say there is no way in hell Karachi is this clean and organized. Whatever this guy is using, it clearly allows him to airbrush throngs of people, massive traffic jams and general chaos out of his pictures. Must have cost a fortune.


NB said...

they were taken in the morning you nugget

Moss J said...

Please dont take offense of my post but I was very unhappy to see your reference to this website, which is acually own by an acquaintance.
A lot of care, skill and effort was spent on making this website and a lot of people are extremely proud of the portrait of Karachi it presents.
Obviously some people do not agree. You have a right yo your opinion but please do not critisize the city you spend so much time in or make fun of people who truly care. It is very easy to sit abroad wherever you are and make fun of your "backward" culture. Do you not see how many Western movies idealize western cities. I have spent much time in New York and it is very dirty city.
My purpose is to clarify my friend's website. Please do not make unsubstantiated remarks. If you wish to contact him and question him directly, his email is and his name is Amir Haroon.

NB said...

Thanks for your comment Moss J.

Let me first make it clear that I don't speak for Ahsan (nor do his views represent my own). The views of the contributors to this blog vary significantly on the majority of issues.

That said, I think there's been a misunderstanding as to the tone of this post. Its supposed to be funny and ironic. Ahsan fully realises that the pictures are genuine and that is precisely what has surprised him (because Karachi is usually pretty crowded). Jokingly, hes expressed his surprise by feigning disbelief.

Ahsan said...

hi moss j, thanks for being our fourth reader. if you keep reading our blog, i promise that you'll become used to my sense of humour. dont worry, it takes time. it took NB and alien panda 3 years to realize i was funny.