Saturday, October 07, 2006

48 hours of madness

I'm too depressed to write about anything. Just providing links. Read this and curse Pathans and their goddamn notion of izzat. Read this and curse the fact that Shahrayar Khan was made a scapegoat. All the good work of the last 2 years, gone. In 48 hours.


Farooq said...

“It was only after Shaharyar’s wife spoke to Younis that he started talking sense but by that time it was too late.”


Younis back as captain though.

Mushtaq Ahmed said...

Dear Mr AHSAN,
I am hear that you are new voice of online cricketing analisis. Please speak up for me because i am unjustly malined by pakistan board.
Here i am minding my own business waking up for sehri when i am find out that younis is back as capstan. I am been made unwilling scapegoat of pcb polticis.
This is an OUTRAGE! Again and again i am taking 100+ wickets for Sussex but i am get no respect for pcb. Yes Jstice Qayyum is suugesting to bane me from responsibility position in pak cricket, bt being balling coach is not qualify.
I hope you are respect me enough to argue my case.

Ahsan said...

if anyone can make sense of what the fuck is going on, please enlighten me. please. i have absolutely no idea what the hell is happening.