Friday, October 13, 2006

The Charm Offensive

You've got to hand it to Musharraf. The man simply does not give up. He loves sitting around, talking to the media, letting everyone know what he thinks. It's almost as if he thinks marketing is the most important part of leadership. So yesterday, he sits down with all the big-wigs of Pakistani journalism, over Iftar, and regales everyone with stories about setting up trust funds for the poor from the proceeds of his book, solutions to Siachen and Sir Creek being a day away, and promises that he would "crush" and "wipe out" those who are challenging the writ of the government in Balochistan. The Daily Times reports here. In Dawn's report, meanwhile, there's a bit more devoted to the PPP/Benazir question, and it details how uncomfortable he was answering questions about any proposed deal. I think this is so cute! He's as awkward talking about it as a 12 year-old who develops a crush on the girl he always used to ink and throw pencils at. And his friends keep bugging him in the playground, saying "You like Benazir! You like Benazir! Na na nah na na nah!" Man, I love Pakistani politics.

By the way, it also happened to be the 7 year anniversary of the coup. 7 years! Do you believe that? Dawn, in unusually forthright terms, lets him have it over the National Security Council, the elections, the political maneuvering, the lies about doffing his uniform and his ego. Wow, Dawn, didn't know you had it in you.


Alien Panda said...

I remember when he first came in to power and stated that it would take time, before things changed. Well its been 7 years, are things really all that better.
Perhaps they would have been worse under Baldy Sharif (new and improved, now with hair!), but things havent improved. I still can't believe how expensive food has become, the cost of vegetables and meat is about half of that in England, problem is that a driver earns about Rs. 6000, and not 10 pounds an hour. said...

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