Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cricket news

Lots of Pakistani cricket news the last couple of days. Shoaib Akhtar, thinning hair and greying stubble and all, says he wants to play less one-day cricket to prolong his test career. Thank God. The man has some sense after all. I think we should go one step further: We should ban Inzi, Asif, Akmal and Shoaib from playing one-day cricket at all. No valuable member of our team who has anything to lose whatsoever should be playing this ridiculous form of the game. The only reason I'm leaving out Younis and Yousuf is that they are youngish batsmen. The only reason I'm leaving out Rana is because he's not as valuable as the others, and has a suitable replacement in Razzaq. And the only only reason I'm leaving out Dani is because the poor guy doesn't get to play ODI cricket in the first place.

Then Zaheer Abbas says that PCB officials have lost confidence in Inzamam. Actually, I think they lost confidence in Zaheer. That's why he got fired. If anything, the last few days have shown how essential Inzi's calming influence has been to our, shall we say, volatile team. And of course, Inzi's not worried about the "captaincy debate". This is because Inzi finds himself incapable of worrying about anything.

Finally, Shaharyar Khan says bringing stability to the team was the main achievement during his tenure, and that he was proud of it. Wouldn't that kind of be like Hitler saying in 1945 that lebensraum was the main achievement during his tenure, and that he was proud of it? (I'm only joking, I love Shaharyar and what he did for our team. Happy retirement, bro).

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