Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Damn...what the hell just happened?

You know this blog has gotten interesting when reader no.3 (we'll just call him NL for now) decides he has to opine. NL doesn't think much of blogs, and only reads ours because he's a very good friend of mine. NL is DEFINITELY not the type to write to people at websites (except if its a chance to make money off basketball but thats another story). So if NL is writing in, then things have obviously gotten out of hand. So let's put things back in hand, so to speak, shall we?

So to no.5, I haven't changed my opinion of your opinion. I still think pretty much every sentence you wrote either contained some errors or expressed an opinion that I simply could not take seriously. However, I was wrong to (a) misquote you when I should have made clear I was paraphrasing and (b) be more than abrasive when making my rebuttal. As NB (or Alien Panda or NL or reader no.1 or reader no.2) will tell you, this is not new. However, I should temper my aggressiveness, since (a) we are in a public forum and (b) I only personally know 3 of our 5 readers.

And to NB and anonymous, who called me "an arrogant jackass" and an "asshole" respectively, please refrain from name-calling. Shit on my arguments/opinions all you want, but don't take the extra step. We're not important enough for tempers to be flaring to such an extent.

I have now procrastinated for about 4 hours today. I had to read 200 pages of a book called "The Tragedy of Political Science: Politics, Scholarship and Democracy". I've gotten to page 29. At this rate, I'll be done some time in 2011. So, please, no more provocative posts today, otherwise I won't be able to help myself.

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