Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Holy Month 2

A follow up to the praying part, my mother made me go to the mosque a couple of fridays ago, its was the first friday of Ramzan and I didnt want to fight with her so I went ot Quran Academy.

I came out after the prayers to find the side window of my car smashed and the CD player and changer stolen; the same thing happened with 4 other cars. The cars were parked on the main bloody road and it was the midle of the day and 6 policemen were on duty 47 feet away! We all went to the poice station where everyone started calling 'people', i just wrote an application for an FIR...I still haven't got the FIR and the insurance wont replace the CD player with one.
At least all I lost was a CD player, just a couple of days prior to this, on the same road, a 27 year old doctor was shot dead because he tried to get away from epople trying steal his cell phone-bought second-hand for Rs. 7000. And this shit is happening every fucking day, alas a supposed increase in piety doesnt really change anything.


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