Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Holy Month 3
Went to the High Court day before to sit in on a case that my seniors here were presenting, any how another hearing was to take place in a week's time, the other side's lawyer got an extention by stating that as it was teh last 'ashra' (third) they would be in aitiqaf (praying in solitude, usually at the mosque) and the judge granted this. So there another infraction of religion on every aspect of society, even godless lawyers were taken in by the security of organised religion...or so i thought. I ended up at the Bar Room (where lawyers young and old go to gossip) which had been divided to accomodate fasting and non-fasting people, there were 10 people in the fasting setion and 200 in the non-fasting one - all busy eating samosas, drinking tea and smoking cigarrettes, simultaneously. And what of that pious lawyer about to enter religious solitude? She there was of course, seemingly perturbed at what she should eat, samosa or sandwich! Godless cretins, I felt right at home.

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