Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Holy Month

Its my first Ramzan back in four years and there's nothing that can compare with the gluttony that follows a supposed day of piety, I love my pakoras and fruit chat so I'm not going to complain. The month, so far, has been startling to me for reasons other than the average Pakistani indulgence in fart inducing foods. Everywhere I look, religious imagery seems to have become so very prominent; I know its Ramzan and people act more pious, but whats happening is more than a feigned attept at piety.

Take for example a family iftar I went to a couple of days ago, right after which everyone got up to offer their prayers 'ba-jamaat', now I know my family (disclaimer: they weren't infidels before, just weren't the praying types) and this is certainly something new. Those who didnt get upto pray consisted of everyone over the age of 45, who then rubbished everyone young for being too religious. This religiousness has found its way to the office as well, where there's a fair amount of pressure to pray with everyone, thankfully my department head is not one of them so i can get away with it.

On a similarly note I counted the number of Islamic channels on my cable and there are 10 out of 98!

Now to all those who are going to comment how this is a good thing, or bad thing, I honestly don't care for this was just an observation. What I do care about is the fact that I'm being forced to pray, which is fine as long as its my parents shouting at me, but its not fine when random people at the office or at an iftar enquire why i dont pray or ask me to pray with them.


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