Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I-had-no-idea-about-this fact of the day

Did you know the Rwandan genocide only lasted 100 days? As this chilling slideshow (with audio clips of news reports from the time) from the BBC says, one tenth of their population was wiped out. To put that in context for us Pakistanis, imagine 15 million people dying in 100 days. That's the population of Karachi. Can you imagine every last Karachiite killed with machetes and knives in a space of just over 3 months? (Warning: don't click on the link if you're the least bit squeamish)

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Zeyd said...

I actually knew that having studied the genocide in my sophmore year (i think it was my sophmore yr, damn that was a while back ) But yeah its pretty fucked. A million people slaughtered in about 3 months--Call it a genocide, call it a holocaust, it was brutal...and it didnt happen that long ago so you can imagine how it still affects the psyche of tutsis and hutus.