Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Jews Did It

The hatred of Jews is nothing new, especially here in Pakistan and they're blamed for pretty much anything that goes wrong:

(Friday Times Nuggets from the Urdu Press)
  • Qadianis have joined the Jews
Reported in the Nawa-e-Waqt, a Khatm-e-Nabuwwat gathering in Muzaffarabad came to the conclusion that the Qadianis were becoming active in Kotli and Muzaffarabad and were building their places of worship that looked alarmingly like mosques. They accused the prime minister of Azad Kashmir of being Qadiani-Nawaz (favouring Qadianis) and said that the Qadianis had joined the Jews to start a conspiracy to divide Kashmir forever.

  • 7/7 was done by Qadianis and Jews!
Quoted in the daily Pakistan, Jamiat Ulema Pakistan (JUP) leader Qari Zawwar Bahadur said in Lahore that the London bombings were done by the Qadianis and the Jews as a conspiracy against Islam. He said the Qadianis and the Jews had finally come together as enemies of Islam and their plan is to victimise the Muslims of the world. He said the breakaway factions of his JUP would soon be reunited to face the government on local elections.

What is new however, is how hi-tech the Jew-bashing industry has become. A well financed documentary is doing the rounds in Karachi, which conclusively, and 'scientifically' proves that the Muslims had nothing to do with 9-11, and that the Jews were responsible. The quality of the DVD is top drawer, even the narrator sounds like a BBC type. And the people watching it aren't your MMA fundos, they're Bankers and Ad-Executives, who'll surely be heading to the mouth of the devil, NYC, for some much needed R&R. I've even heard the documentary mentioned by a political commentator on Retard Central (ARY) - the commentaor, who is an optician, parades around as a religious and political expert (then again so do most of us, so he's excused) has released a documentary of his own that rubishes evolution. Its actually a dubbing of an an American, evangelical, creationist documentary.

Anyhow, I don't care about the hypocrisy of the people who quote this documentary (ok maybe I do!) or veracity of their claims, maybe the Jews and Qadianis were responsible; what bugs me more is how such a large number of people can convince themselves that all Muslims somehow reside on a higher moral and are irreproachable. And it does boil down to that, Muslims are incapable of such actions. Well lets just ask the Sudanese, I'm sure they'll agree.



Ahsan said...

bravo alien panda, excellent post. muslims never do anything wrong, and they're the poor victims everywhere. 9/11 was done by the jews, dont you know that they were all told to stay home from work that day? by a personal phone call from sharon no less, as the mossad supplied the money for the entire enterprise. also, the genocide in darfur is being done by the jews to make the muslims look bad. and all the sectarian violence in pakistan is actually done by india (with the help of the jews of course) to divide pakistan.

Moss J said...

Ok fine then. But then if the Jews,Qadianis or Indians are not responsible, who is?
The people who the US government tells you?
I hope this blog is not turning into another mechanism subserviant to the establishment.

Farooq said...

I’ve been cautioned on this blog before for not being sensitive to religious or national leanings in my comments. In my defence all I said was that Jews have a strong and possibly sinister networking system, and I made a few jokes regarding stereotypes people have of Indians (cows; baths in rivers; endless span of foreskin).

While I am used to Ahsan’s hypocrisy after knowing him for 2 years, it really bugs me that I cant be allowed to use cultural stigmas to make a point even though EVERY TIME Ahsan writes a blog concerning Muslims or Islam he speaks in the most derogatory and disrespectful manner he can manage while still trying to give the impression that he is neutral. I have never tried to engage Ahsan in any discussion which may drag in Islam since his stance emanates from a very skewed and superficial understanding of it. It would be like discussing the fraudulent pretences of the Iraq invasion with Rush Limbaugh or some neo-con who is too stubborn to look past his own comfortable ideological compass to accept new ideas.

This is not a comment defending Islam. If it’s taken that way go ahead, I certainly won’t take offence.

It gets to me how writers on this blog can use a mocking tone when they speak of the flaws and inconsistencies they see in Islamic society. What bugs me more is how reverential and careful you are to not offend OTHER readers. I said a few BARELY non-pc things about Indians and Ahsan sends me 4 emails. We all remember Ahsan’s post regarding the hypocrisy in Islam and how he idiotically equated fundamentalism to all Islam and Muslims in general. Please read that blog as well as his above comment AND Alien Panda’s article and compare it with the tone Ahsan uses to talk about the Mumbai blasts. While disagreeing with the Indian intelligence, the tone never descends into condescension. I can almost guarantee anyone that if the ISI had made such a bold and unsubstantiated allegation, the writers on this blog would have treated them with much more contempt.

Understand, my point is not to defend Islam or some nationalistic plea to “support our country”. But if you are going to espouse your views on what is wrong with your society, do it in a tone consistent with your other rhetoric. I know you guys are trying to make this blog appeal to the masses and therefore you’re going to pucker up for all the Jews, Christians and whatever out there to convince them that you are neutral in your commentary.
Please don’t overcompensate.
Being smart and ideologically neutral, which I ADMIT is a gift if you are a Pakistani, doesn’t give you the right to act like you are above the need to empathize with your roots. Again, I don’t mean that you blindly support Islam or Pakistani policies. Disparage them if you will. But then don’t give me crap about being politically sensitive when Ahsan can basically call Muslims cry-babies.