Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Just another Gang Rape
Lets shoot, maim and kill these bastards

Dawn editorial:

The reported gang rape of a 20-year-old woman in Multan by her former, cleric fiancĂ© and three of his accomplices on Sunday is the latest act of violence against women in the long list of such crimes that have gone unpunished in recent months. Details speak of the accused, one Hafiz Mohammed Idrees, having tried to kill his fiancĂ©e back in August after she refused to marry him. She had to jump down from the second floor to save her life; the fall left her with broken bones. The police had arrested the cleric then, only to release him on bail the next day. Thus emboldened, the accused allegedly threatened the victim’s family of avenging the insult of rejection. Sunday’s brutal assault came when the victim was alone at home and unable to protect herself because of her immobility. She was later taken to hospital by her mother, who, on returning home, found her daughter in a semi-conscious condition. However, citing ‘inconsistency’ in the accounts of the assault given by the mother and daughter, the police have refused to arrest the cleric and his accomplices — a common practice in cases involving violence against women.


Ahsan said...

i really dont know what to say. they gang raped a crippled woman. im at a complete loss to say anything coherent so i wont bother trying.

asad said...

i love musharrafs forward thinking pakistan. especially the way it treats women. chances are, he'll take her passport too.