Monday, October 16, 2006

Misplaced priorities

So the BBC reports that the Pakistan government wants to carry out a census of Afghans in Pakistan. That's really good and everything, but shouldn't they, you know, carry out a census of Pakistanis in Pakistan first? As far as I know, the last census in Pakistan took place in 1998. To put that into context, 1998 was the year India and Pakistan became nuclear powers. Nobody knew who Shoaib Akhtar was and the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal was just beginning to break. I'd say it was time for new census, yes?


NB said...

Agreed pakistan needs to undertake a census. But the census for afghans is a separate unrelated thing (ie not an issue of priorities). We just repatriated about 2 million to afghanistan over the last few years as part of a UN program and now were just trying to see how many are left, and maybe start to work out their citizenship issues.

Ahsan said...

i know yaar. half-ironic, you see.