Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Mumbai blasts

Guess what? According to an Indian TV channel, seven of the accused in the Mumbai blasts, including Faisal Sheikh (you know, the Islamic extremist who was banging a Hindu bartender), have retracted their confessions, saying they were forced to sign blank papers. I don't want to jump the gun just yet - I think there's a lot more to come out of this story - but if I'm actually proven right (earlier skepticism on display here and here), I will be extremely happy. Not so much because it clears our name and will be good for the peace process and all. Simply because I like being right. In fact, I will be so happy, that I will distribute gifts to all five (is it now six?) of our readers. How about I give everyone...five rupees? (Yes, I'm this funny all the time).


Ahsan said...

that's great! i'll click on the link as soon as i'm done typing up this comment! can't wait!

Moss J said...

I want a new shirt.

Anonymous said...

i don't appreciate the flippancy. i'm more confused by my reaction than anything else, because normally, i couldn't care less, but in this case, it's literally a little too close to home.

i know you don't mean anything by it...but still.

Ahsan said...

hey bro, no offense intended. if i was bring flippant, it was towards the investigation of the attacks, not the attacks themselves. sorry if you didnt see it that way.