Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My predictions

For the record, I said either England or Sri Lanka would win the Champions Trophy. England have lost both their matches so far and are out of the tournament. Sri Lanka have lost 2 of their 3 matches, and would require a minor miracle to get through (Pakistan would have to thrash New Zealand, and then beat South Africa pretty comprehensively as well). I also said Barca would not miss Eto'o that much. Over the last week, they've lost to both Chelsea and Real (both games were away, it has to be said), and didn't manage a goal over 180 minutes. I'm really not sure what to do about this. When I think things through rationally with careful analysis, my predictions come out wrong. When I go with hunches and darkhorses, my predictions come out wrong. One thing's for sure - I'm never betting on sports. Even if I somehow procure the fortunes of William Buffet, Bill Gates and that Sultan of Brunei, I'm never betting on sports. Bus, it's final.

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Farooq said...

Seriously dude your forecasts really really suck! It takes real talent to be as clueless as you are about sports and the nature of a game. Please shrivel up and dissapear.