Monday, October 16, 2006

Quick links, no time for commentary

To continue on the theme of Alien Panda's post, the Daily Times, PPP mouthpiece that they are, wholeheartedly supports it, it being an agreement between the PPP and the government, of course. Shaukat Aziz says that government is in talks even with "those in opposition". Not particularly coy, are you Shaukat? Hasan Askari Rizvi, one of Pakistan's foremost experts of political and military matters, brings up the question of trust: how long would an agreement between BB and Mush last? Nawaz bhai says he hopes Benazir confirms that nothing's going on when they meet in London. Someone should tell him that ship has already sailed. (By the way, does anyone else feel really sorry for him?) And speaking of that London meeting, Raja Zafarul Haq says it'll be the last chance for Nawaz bhai and BB to work out their differences. Someone should tell him that ship has already sailed too.

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