Sunday, October 08, 2006


I feel like the guy who was completely fucked over by the bitchy girl who cheated on him and is slowly but surely making his way back into the dating world. I don't think I'm fully ready to talk about or analyze cricket just yet, but I think I will soon. At least I've started reading all the articles again. This one by Shoaib Alvi in Dawn somehow manages to conflate the Bolshevik's October Revolution, the Nazis' Night of Long Knives and Caesar's assassination with what's happened over the last 4 days. That's quite a rhetorical feat.

Quick prediction for the Champions Trophy: either England or Sri Lanka win. Trust me.

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Farooq said...

hanks for finding these articles, yaar. I swear my views echoed the authors. Bloody afridi, razzaq and the "old" guard cant take the fact that yk is going to push them.

I hereby declare the following line the sentence of the year:

"Younis has never been accepted by the establishment because he is nobody's man but his own and his country's."