Monday, October 16, 2006

Where have I seen this before?

A woman in Punjab is beaten and raped because her uncle had the temerity to elope with a woman from a higher caste. The woman, who has a Masters degree, is no longer allowed to teach at the school where she used to work, because her reputation has been harmed. The police does next to nothing. And Qazi Hussain smiles.


Farooq said...

your article would have ended on a better stylstic note if you had written :"And somewhere Qazi Hussain is smiling."

Its just a slight variation on your sentence but little nuances like that raise an unspectacular ending (because it is clear you were going for dramatic effect)into somthing which lingers.


Anonymous said...

the cop's reaction at the end pretty much epitomises rural Pakistani society's attitude towards women and rape, no?