Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Yeah, Sarfraz

The only man in Pakistan cricket given to more bullshit statements than Javed Miandad is, of course, Sarfraz Nawaz. The nonsense that comes out of this guy's mouth truly astounds me. Today, he says that he can catch a ball-tamperer from a distance of "1000 yards" (which, by the way, would mean that when Sarfaraz bhai is about three quarters of a mile away from a cricket ground, he'll be able to spot a man picking a ball with his nail). I wish there was a rule in Pakistan that allowed only Asif Iqbal and (I can't believe I'm saying this) Rameez Raja to speak to the media about anything. Everyone else just looks to further their own interests or reputations with their comments.

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Anonymous said...

while sarfraz may be a jackass - it's not fair to pick him apart for the 1000 yards comment which was clearly hyperbolic.

i've often heard you say that you'll kill yourself if such and such happens. such and such has happened many, many, many times.

and yet, here we are.