Saturday, November 04, 2006

Crazy-idea-that-might-just-work of the day

Irfan Hussain, on how to end the Kashmir issue:

I seriously suggest a similar technique for leaders unable to resolve differences: lock them up together without food, and wait for them to announce an agreement before allowing them out. After all, many of their people suffer from hunger because of their inability to solve problems, something they are paid (and elected, except in Pakistan) to do. So if they are deprived of their aloo-gosht and chicken biryani for a bit, it will be no bad thing.


Farooq said...

Wont work.

Manmoan Singh would pull a Gandhi and just starve himself. Gandhi's blood runs in every patriot's veins so Singh wouldnt cave in to hunger pangs.

Musharraf is an army man who has been taught how to survive. After around a day and a half he would kill Singh and eat him slowly in portions which he would stretch to about 2 weeks, ending with the tongue as that is an indian delicacy.

Now after devouring Manmoan Musharraf could start feeling really sick and beg to be let out. The 2 things could happen:

- Irfan Hussein's suggestion would come into play, whereby Musharraf just promises to give Kashmir to India no questions asked. However, im guessing they were both locked in a room by their respective countries and both sides wanted a mutually beneficial outcome.


-Musharraf could hand over Indian occupied Kashmir but the Indians, incensed that our leader cannialized their top guy, would wage war on us as it is the highest form of indignity for an Indian to be chomped down by a Paki. (I would have used the word "ate" instead of "chomp" but then the sick-minded readers would start alluding to the sexual references invoked).

Ahsan said...

yeah, it's the readers of your comment that are sick-minded. you're right, they're the ones we have to worry about.