Monday, November 06, 2006

Quote of the day (Imran Khan on cricket edition)

They are wasting talent. They have left behind Mohammad Sami, who bowls around 90 mph. He won the Bangalore Test match for Pakistan. How they can keep him out of the team is a total mystery to me. They have destroyed Sami.

Dude, let it go. He sucks. He sucks beyond belief. Just please, let it go.

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Farooq said...

You know, I've never minded Imran Khan. I thought he was cool for nailing a hottie like Jemina. I dont have an opinion on his politics. While I think he is a bore in the commentary booth, I admire him for the respect he has cultivated.
But he is a BHENCHOD for suggesting that friggin Sami won Pakistan the Bangalore test. Kutte are u forgetting a guy who scored 265 in the first innings and 85 in another? The same guy who, when called to the stage for his award, complimented his team rather than crap all over their accomplishments by talking about some CHUTAPE ka Cancer hospital.
That was Younis's match and Sami had nothing to do wth it. Sami has nothing to do with anything. You are a jackass. Your hair is thinning. And apparently Hugh Grant is 10 times better in the sack than u are, says Jemina.