Monday, November 06, 2006

Quote of the day (Imran Khan on politics edition)

I object to that work (In the Line of Fire) because it’s given the impression of a Rambo Musharraf who’s leaping right into the line of fire, bullets flying all over the place. There are terrorists, fundamentalists, extremists and here’s this enlightened moderate who’s trying to stop the country—the lone Rambo, not brave man, Rambo, who’s trying to keep all these forces at bay. Nuclear scientists trying to sell our secrets abroad, and here he is trying to hold the country together. It’s a terrible image of Pakistan as a banana republic, with this one man who’s going to solve all these problems, and of course at the bidding of the US, ‘I’m your obedient servant, I’m your man.’

I think it’s a terrible image, and I don’t think he’s even realised it. I don’t think he has the intellect required to realise the kind of damage he’s done to the country.

Read the entire interview. He actually comes off as fairly reasonable. Unfortunately for him, most of us have seen him when he's not interviewed by Indian journalists. When he's on Geo or in Dawn, that's when the true nutty Imran Khan comes out.

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