Friday, November 03, 2006

Retroactive quote of the day

And, whisper it, but he's now played six Tests in a row without breaking down.

Osman Samiuddin on Shoaib Akhtar, after the conclusion of what turned out to be the last Test of his career. Looks like he didn't whisper softly enough.


Intikhab Alam said...

Mr. Butt,
I understand that you drink and have an active sex life being a hippie liberal. I advise you not to return to Pakistan as there is no place for degenerate, rabble-rousers such as yourself.

Ahsan said...

dont worry intikhab, im getting to you and your dumbass comments, and this whole mess in general, hopefully on sunday. thats when fiverupees' cricket discussion moratorium is lifted.