Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sex Free Zone Baby!

My best buddies, the MMA, has been going on about how Pakistan has now become a sex free zone where people hump on the side walks and in the parks, atop trees and in the back seats! I guess the mullahs are pissed off that everyone's spoiling their party, as NB's close relation said, "Why should madrassahs be the only sex free zones".

But I'm not happy. This country is headed towards unfathomable disaster, the wrath of God shall befall these wrectched creatures who shall drive us all to the depths of hell with their iniquitous acts. All I ask for them is to not stop...but too share. It was ok to not get 'some' in a a country where no one's having sex, unless its, rape or with little boys, but now that the Mullahs are saying that everyone's boinking - and I take them on their word - I feel so left out.

Damn you Women's Protection Bill!

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ayla said...

'no one's having sex, unles its, rape or with little boys' or 'big men in uniforms.' NB told me!