Thursday, January 11, 2007

He Probably Went to the George W. Bush School of Science

The Chief Economist of car manufaturer DaimlerChrysler essentially thinks global warming is not happening. I kid you not. In his words, "the problem is way, way into the future, with a high degree of uncertainty." I would actually laugh at idiots like this if their ignorance didn't affect all of humanity for the next few hundred years. Oh, well. At least my family doesn't live in a coastal city or anything. Oh, wait.

If you haven't seen Al Gore's movie, I highly recommend it. The one thing that struck me the most (and is extremely relevant to this jackass' comments) is the spin and innuendo related to global warming which make the science seem more "uncertain" than it actually is. In the movie, Gore talked about how in a random review of articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals (not sure how many articles, could have been dozens, could have been hundreds), not one of them spoke of global warming as a doubtful proposition. Not one. On the other hand, something like 50 percent of articles in newspapers, magazines and the popular press spoke of global warming as something that wasn't a certainty. 50 percent! Something is happening to the message as it gets from the scientific community to the lay person. And that something is entirely due to the deliberate and willful manipulation of science by bastards like Van Jolissaint for their personal and professional gain.

For the record, the best place to cut through the hype about global warming is Check it out when you have the time.

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