Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Inappropriate Headline of the day
This BBC story says "Pathan to be unleashed on Windies". Um, is Irfan Pathan really the type of cricketer who's "unleashed"? Shoaib Akhtar is unleashed. Brett Lee is unleashed. Andrew Symonds, Kevin Pietersen and Adam Gilchrist are unleashed. I'd say Pathan is more "gently and unobtrusively placed in opposition to" than "unleashed".


Anonymous said...

If a wicket, a catch, and a fine economical bowling performance isn't unleashed - i don't know what is.

also, keep in mind that the windies were so afraid of the prospect of irfan at the crease, that they probably decided to just let ganguly et al bat out the 50 overs...so he had a tremedously positive impact on the batting as well. no way we were getting 341 without his looming presence in the dressing room.

Lostworld_me said...

I love Irfan Pathan...but got to agree wid u...he's not really somebody that u can imagine being "unleashed" so to speak....but then "unleash" is not only ised in the sense of speed....u can unleash shane warne ( rather could) and make the oponents lose their bearings right?!

Btw....happened to chance upon ur blog...loved it!

Ahsan said...

hi lost world, thanks for your words. i think this is the second compliment i have recieved on the record for this blog in about 8 months, so it's well appreciated.

about "unleashed". i think the point to be made is that you only "unleash" people that you would want on your side in a bar fight. irfan pathan is the type of guy who you'd rather have on the other side in a bar fight. it's just that simple.