Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Photographs/Trivia of the day

Alright, Karachiites, let's see how well you know your city. Can you identify this?

It's Clifton, more than a hundred years ago.

What about this?

Probably the easiest of the lot, eh? It's the Gymkhana, fool!

Any idea about this?

Victoria Road.

And finally, if you can guess this one, then you are the King/Queen.

That, my friends, is Saddar. Stop laughing, it's actually Saddar.

Many thanks to the people at Metroblogging Karachi for these photos. Honestly made my day.


f-machine said...

Putting pictures in the middle of your posts and all!! Full tech geek you have become!

Ahsan said...

this is just the beginning, bro.