Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Conspiracy of the day
Whether be it the migrating Muslims or those Muslims who are at the moment living in India, they can clearly remember that such cruelties were performed by their Indian brethren with the use of knives and daggers. But the way the massacre operation was performed on Samjhota Express clearly points the fingers to a pro-Jewish organisation because in this operation there was less terrorism action that one could have expected under such a situation than the barbaric action that was actually involved. The way the bodies were mistreated that any person can feel nothing but awfully ashamed of and disgraced.

If you take an in-depth look at this incident and impartially analyse the whole scenario, you would not help but strongly believe that the Indian government must be behind all this.

From a letter in Dawn today. Not quite sure how "pro-Jewish" elements figure into the analysis, but maybe that's because I haven't given it enough thought.


Anonymous said...

What a moron!

The truth is Hindus were slaughtered by the Muslims after the newly created Pakistan's borders were announced forcing the Hindus exodus to India.

And that slaughter and persecution (ethnic cleansing) of the Hindus in the current states of Pakistan and Bangladesh continues today - hence the rapidly declining numbers of Hindus in these states.

Compare that with the rising numbers of the Muslims in India - they have increased their proportion of the population from less than 10% in 1947 to over 14% today!

If Hindus were persecuting the Muslims then why do they prefer to live in India? Because they know it is the best country in the Indian subcontinent!

Would any Muslim choose to live in the shitholes created by the Muslims wherever they have ruled if s/he could find a way out?

Nikhil said...

I sense a distinctly pro-indian sentiment in the post above. am i to believe that i am no longer the sole indian reader of this blog?

Ahsan said...

screw that...the more important question is: given you now have a blogger id, can we assume you are in the process of beginning to blog?

Ahsan said...

by the way, if your fellow countryman/woman becomes a regular reader, it will mean he/she is our 15th reader. this is because in the last few weeks, one of my poli sci friends has become a reader as well as the omar loves cricket guy. that means that this person will mark a truly memorable milestone in this blog's history. so dear indian-not-named-nikhil, please continue to read this blog.

Indian Brit. said...

I am the anonymous non-blogger who posted above - I am not Indian! I am British - of Indian (pre 1947) antecedents!

And I am pissed off with the Muslims in my country with their incessant demands to be treated as special.

I guess I started despising Muslims in 1990 with their book-burning protests against Rushdie's Satanic Verses --- which most of the illiterate protesters could not have read!

And I have nothing but scorn for those Indians who banned Rushdie as well more recently the movie version of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code.

I am in favour of expelling all Muslims from the UK.

Ahsan said...

hmm on second thought i probably dont need a 15th reader that bad.

Indian Brit. said...

I found your blog tracking your comment on The Glasshouse.

Am I a "liberal extremist" ?


Perhaps we should make exceptions for useful Muslims, like the late Prof. Abdus Salam, who being an Ahmadi, was considered an infidel by the Saudis as well as Paks.

Excerpt from Islamic group says schools fail to respect faith.

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) accused head teachers of failing to respect the Islamic faith when organising sex education classes, building changing rooms and hosting religious assemblies.

In new guidance published yesterday, the MCB urged schools to build prayer rooms and individual changing cubicles and to allow girls to wear a head scarf and full-length loose skirt if they wished.

Boys should be allowed to grow beards for religious reasons and pupils should not be told to remove religious amulets, said the document, unveiled at a conference at London's Islamic Cultural Centre. The MCB, which has criticised state schools in the past for forcing Muslim children to take part in Christian assemblies, said many heads refused to take account of "reasonable requests" from parents and pupils.

Saudi Arabia is full of najis workers since the local population is quite antipathetic to working; in fact without the expatriate workers, all economic activity in Saudi Arabia would soon grind to a halt.

I sincerely wish Muslims, who wish to live a pure Islamic life, would migrate there and so reduce the number of najis workers there.

Ahsan said...

hahaha whatever you may be, you are NOT a "liberal extremist", at least in the way i have come to understand the term.

i would respond in depth but unfortunately i am pressed for time.