Saturday, February 17, 2007

More On Fox News' Daily Show Spin-Off

Slate has an article on the "1/2 Hour News Hour". Said article contains a Youtube link to segment of said show. My only advice is that you proceed with utmost caution: if you have any medical conditions which are exacerbated by incredibly bad, just plain old crappy-ass "comedy," then do not, I repeat do not, click on that link. I swear I was actually cringing when watching it - thank God it was just over two minutes long.

Look, I know I hate right-wingers. But I would like to think that if they came up with something funny, I'd be able to laugh. But this show...dear God, I'm simply at a loss for words. I actually am at a loss for words; after typing "But this show" in the previous sentence, I stared at the screen for three minutes before giving up.

Of course, the crappiness of the show won't preclude it from being immensely popular. Conservatives will tune in to the show in droves simply because they're sick of being made fun of for six years. When the show is skewered by the critics (if the critics can bring themselves to watch it, that is), there will be more of the same victim-complex-based paroxysms of self-pity by Red Staters, who will cry and shout that liberals can only find things funny when the humour is directed at conservatives, that they can't take their own medicine, that all culture critics are part of the evil liberal media and that the show, in fact, is funnier than The Daily Show and The Colbert Report combined. Liberals will try their best to ignore the show, and would be able to do so if it weren't for the constant and shrill cackling of the laugh track and the people who watch Hannity and O'Reilly, and will be drawn into a meaningless and futile shouting match of who's funnier - liberals or conservatives. Said shouting match will result in Red Staters feeling smug (because they will actually think that they won said shouting match, not to mention the fact that they will actually think this abomination of a show is funnier then TDS and TCR) and liberals feeling sorry for the Red Staters for having the capacity to hold such daft opinions on the constitutive aspects of humour.

I cannot wait for Stewart's and Colbert's take on this show. The thing is, this show gives them so much material to work with that they might simply suffer from a comedic overload and not be able to make fun of it the way it deserves to be made fun of. Then again, one could say that about the Bush administration too, and they seem to have done fine with that, so maybe I'm worrying for nothing.

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