Monday, February 05, 2007

Quote of the day
They have restored their family honour - the deceased deserved to die.

A resident of the village of Khatan, speaking of two brothers who smashed their sister's head with a brick and then strangled her because she chose to have a consensual sexual affair. For choosing the quote of the day, it was a tough one between this and what one of the killers said: "We have done no wrong and the law will not treat us unkindly."

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Anonymous said...

Following excerpts from the story suggest less consent and more coertion!

"Ghulam Nabi Shah, the man that they killed, belongs to a family of Syeds, said to be descendents of Prophet Mohammad and treated with reverence by rural folk."

"Mr Shah murdered a village bully more than 10 years ago and became a hero. Then he started jumping into people's houses to sleep with their women. Everyone felt threatened. The Maachhis have rid them of the menace," he says.

But the Maachhi brothers took a long time to "redeem their honour".

"People had been taunting us about Elahisen's affair for a year. We knew that Ghulam Nabi Shah visited her at nights. But he was six feet tall and always carried a gun. We were scared of him," says Mohammad Aslam.

Those who taunted the Maachhi brothers are now all praise for them.