Friday, February 09, 2007

This One's For F-Machine

You want non-morbid posts? I'll give you non-morbid posts. Here's perhaps the most famous photograph taken of Paris by Willy Ronis, who's still alive and kicking (I think he's more than 90 years old now). It's taken from the Bastille, which might explain its title: les amoureux de la bastille.

By the way, I think f-machine has hit on something. Why do I love morbid topics so much? I was thinking about this when posting this photograph too. When I went to a Willy Ronis exhibition in Paris, my favourite photograph out all of them was of this family at a Holocaust memorial with their backs turned to the camera. There was a girl, around ten years old, and what must have been her grandparents. You couldn't see their facial expressions (like I said, their backs were to the camera) but the girl had her arm on one of them (forget which one) in a sort of consoling gesture. I wish I could do it justice but there's a reason they say a picture speaks a thousand words. It remains the most powerful photograph I've ever seen. Ever since that day, I've looked for hours and hours on google but I can't find that one photograph. I should've just ripped it off the wall at the exhibition and ran. But then French policemen would've chased after me, and we know that doesn't end well for young Muslim males. Or, as it turns out, for the policemen.


f-machine said...

Are you implying that you are a young MUSLIM male?!?

The young and male part I agree with.. but did I hear you saying that you are a MUSLIM!!!!!!!! Are you saying that despite your years of rubbishing religion and intelligent progressive atheism you are at heart a MUSLIM!?


Ahsan said...

thats what it says on my passport, bro.