Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Is It A Done Deal?

Have Musharraf and Benazir done the deed and supped, as they say, with their respective devils? Farahtullah Babar gives us the obligatory denial here. Even if this is true, and Benazir has agreed to support Musharraf's bid to get reelected by the existing assemblies in exchange for having corruption charges dropped against her, two seriously important questions remain. One, what happens on the issue of Musharraf's uniform? This report says both sides are promising "flexibility", whatever the hell that means. Two, what role does Benazir play? Call me crazy, but I can't imagine her taking a Shaukat Aziz-type backseat position.

If it were possible, Pakistani politics suddenly got even more interesting. And warped. My humble advice to you would be to stay tuned.

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