Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Mourinho At Old Trafford?

That's what this fellow at The Guardian thinks. The novelty of the idea, however, is not why I'm linking to the piece. I'm linking to it in an effort to encourage you to go and read the comments in response to his post. All I can say is, I love British people. They're so bitter and caustic and sardonic and funny. They're everything I want to be.

Anyways, as far as Mourinho's future prospects are concerned, I still think he's leaving Chelsea this summer, handshake or not. I earlier thought he might be going to Italy but now I've changed my mind. I think he's going to go to Barcelona. Something is obviously amiss at the Nou Camp, what with all the reports of discord in the dressing room and the lackluster play all year. I see Eto'o getting the boot (what, you think they'll get rid of Ronaldinho?). I see a revamping of the back four (how many of them would you trust with your life? I say two: Zambrotta and Puyol). And I see Frank Rijkaard getting his walking papers, despite the highly impressive job he's done. I should say that I have absolutely no evidence for that third claim; it's just a hunch. If they do get rid of Rijkaard, don't you think they'd make a play for Mourinho? And don't you think Mourinho would want to manage the most highly talented team in Europe?


Zeyd said...

Mourinho's going to see out his contract at Chelsea. I'm in London at the moment and spoken to quite a few Chelsea fans (the fans that actually live in Chelsea and were born fans and not the fuckers who jumped on the bandwagon as soon as they got a sniff of Russian $) and they absolutely adore Mourinho.

The media, as I'm sure you know, are horrendous in England. Whatever 'tiffs' there have been between Jose and Roman have been dramatized by the media. Jose is loved here. I told you myself that if I were gay I'd do Jose. Fuck that, I'd let him take me. You think he's gonna go? What if they win the quadrangle? Let's see Roman let him go then.

Ahsan said...

why do you assume it will be roman who will "let him go"? are there not valid reasons for jose wanting to walk out of his volition?

zeyd said...

Jose has reiterated that he wants to stay at chelsea. He has also stated that he intends to see out his contract, emphasizing the fact that any suggestion otherwise is a concoction by the media. He has gone on to say that the false statements have had an adverse effect on the team. Never has he mentioned any conflict within the team or within CFC for that matter.

Ahsan said...

well, as i said i have no hard evidence. maybe you're right. i just have a sneaking suspicion, that's all. i suppose we'll find out one way or the other this summer.