Friday, April 20, 2007

My NBA Picks

First round, East: Detroit over Orlando in 4; Cleveland over Washington in 5; Jersey over Toronto in 6; Chicago over Miami in 7.

First round, West: Dallas over Golden State in 5; Phoenix over Lakers in 4; San Antonio over Denver in 5; Houston over Utah in 6.

Second round, East: Chicago over Detroit in 6; Jersey over Cleveland in 7.

Second round, West: Houston over Dallas in 6; Phoenix over San Antonio in 7.

East finals: Chicago over Jersey in 5.

West finals: Phoenix over Houston in 6.

Finals: Phoenix over Chicago in 6.

Might I remind you that I got three of four Champions League quarter-finals right, which, for me, qualifies as being on a certifiable roll. Let the games begin.


zeyd said...

What are you on about? You do know that Denver's winning it all right?

The one champions league team you were wrong about was chelsea who are also going to win it all!

Ahsan said...

it really, really hurts me to admit that you're wrong on denver. it doesn't hurt me at all to admit that you're wrong on chelsea.

zeyd said...

That's the first win. Just 15 more to go!