Thursday, April 05, 2007


The other day, Kristof writes a heart-wrenching article about a woman in Pakistan who was pimped out by her husband and then threatened her family when she escaped. Anyways, as always, he invites comments on every article he writes on his blog. The posting of these comments requires (a) the comments themselves, (b) a box that needs to be filled with your name, and (c) a box that needs to be filled with your email address. The name-box has "Required" written to next to it and the email address-box has "Required (will not be published)" written next to it. The implication is clear: your name will be published exactly the way you write it out in the name-box at the end of your comment.

This is a long-winded way to set up the funniest thing I've seen in the last 48 hours. Check out this comment from, uh, we'll let her tell it.

Please do not post my full name if you post this.
Just “Barbara”.
While your columns and efforts to garner support are worthy you are doing a disservice by not including in your columns any real comments on the “customers”. In failing to do so you continue to be a supporter of the culture of the “Sacred Penis” which dictates that the penis owner should never be held responsible for penis control. Only the owners of warm-wet-holes are at fault and responsible for the urges felt by the owners of the sacred penis and are to blame for what the penis owners feel compelled to do under whatever reasoning they feel justified in believing. As I have said before the problem you outline will not be address unless and until males and males only talk about and take steps to eliminate the culture of the Sacred Penis. Such talk and steps will be effective only if they do not include any responsibility of the warm-wet-holes owners.
Thank you for listening.
Again, identify me only as “Barbara” if any part of this is posted.

— Posted by Barbara A. Midtbo


AB said...

warm wet hole? sheesh.

NB said...

My God where do you find these things? Im forwarding the link to everyone btw.

Ahsan said...

hahaha more enjoyable than the content of the comment, was her continued insistence on not being identified, and then being identified. that killed me.