Saturday, May 26, 2007

Goodbye Cruel World...

Don't paricularly want to add to the gloom currently enveloping the blog, but just read this story (courtesy metroblogging karachi)and fuck em all, seriously, fuck em all...
Here's an excerpt:

"Nobody came to collect the body of the elderly driver of an Edhi Ambulance, Serive Faiz-ur-Rahman, 65, to carrying out his funeral. Rahman was murdered in cold blood by rampaging terrorists on May 12 when he refused to throw out the injured man in his ambulance, who he was shifting to the hospital from in front of Karachi airport, which was one of the day’s battle grounds.

After keeping the body in the Edhi morgue for three days in the hope that some family members or relatives would come up to collect the body for his funeral, Faiz-ur-Rahman was buried as an ‘unclaimed’ person by his friends and employees of the Edhi Trust at the Mauch Goth graveyard in Karachi on Tuesday, hundreds of miles away from Naushehra, his ancestral town in the NWFP.

“On May 12 noon, terrorists were firing even on ambulances and no ambulance driver wanted to take the risk of moving injured and the dead from the battle ground. They were shooting at ambulances to keep them at a distance from the sites of their killing sprees,” an Edhi Trust employee recalls.

Faiz volunteered for the job and reached Wireless Gate near Karachi Airport despite intense firing, from where he picked up two injured, Zubair along with his two relatives as well as another unidentified person in critically wounded condition.

“At Chota Gate, some armed terrorists stopped the ambulance and asked Faiz-ur-Rahman to throw them out from the ambulance and let them die on the road. He refused, arguing he would even shift them (terrorists) to hospital if they get injured,” another Edhi ambulance driver and a colleague of deceased Faiz-ur-Rahman told The News requesting anonymity.

“On his refusal, one of the armed terrorist shot Faiz in the head from point-blank range. He was shot three times, once in the skull, then in the neck and later in the abdomen. It was a cold-blooded murder instead of what media reported as an accidental killing,” he claimed.

The merciless terrorists even went a step ahead and did not allow another Edhi ambulance driver to transport Faiz’s body to hospital. There was an attempt to burn the other ambulance, he informed adding that on intervention from one of their accomplices, they (terrorists) allowed him to remove the body."


NB said...

You bastard, you don't 'paricularly' want to add to the gloom yet you name your even-more-morbid-than mine-depressing-ass-post "Goodbye Cruel World". I really hate you Kabir.

Ahsan said...

yes kabir, may i please suggest you change the heading of your post. it has little to do with the content of your post, and seems to portend some sort of suicide note.