Saturday, May 12, 2007


Firing has now started on Sharah-i-Faisal at the Rashid Minhas intersection. Its the MQM vs the MMA/PPP, boths sides sniping at each other using TT’s and automatic weapons, one party from on top of a bridge and the other below according to Geo TV. The police and rangers have taken refuge in a local police station. The tankers and containers which were being used to blockade have been set ablaze. A kilometre away, the Chief Justice has landed at a very peaceful and relativley uncrowded airport, and is apparently heading to the city court in a rent a car under ranger escort.


ayla said...

I'm so surprised this issue has become so huge... and that it has led to such violence. I mean yeah all I know about it is what I see in mainstream media, but it was just two weeks ago that Musharaf was being interviewed on Al-Jazeera and saying that the protests were scarcely an issue and that it wasnt even that many people protesting and if he wanted, he could get hundreds of thousands out to support him with just one phone call. I believed him and was quite impressed with how cool he was...

And now it's a state of emergency... oh well.

Muzzies are so bloody violent non? But give them enough food, farms and a clean and hygienic environment and i'm sure they'd be better behaved.

Anonymous said...

"The police and rangers have taken refuge in a local police station."

So who is supposed to keep the peace?