Thursday, May 24, 2007

Rashid Latif Says Shoaib Malik Reminds Him Of Salim Malik

And not just because they have the same last name. He seriously said this and what's more, he meant it as a compliment, saying he batted just like him in the recent ODI series against Sri Lanka and that he hopes Shoaib gets the same respect as a batsman and captain that Salim Malik did. For those with extremely short memories, allow me to remind you that on that ill-fated tour to South Africa and Zimbabwe in 1995, Rashid Latif and Basit Ali retired from the game because they suspected their captain, Salim Malik, was throwing games. That episode began the still-alive saga of matchfixing allegations, counter-allegations, investigations, indictments, bans, book deals, and whatnot. It basically ruined both Rashid's and Salim Malik's careers. And now Rashid is comparing someone to Salim Malik and means it as a friggin' compliment? Um, does this make sense to anyone? Anyone at all?

Well, the comparison is appropriate on one level. Both did intentionally throw games, right?

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