Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The World's Subways

This is one of the coolest websites ever. It details, on a uniform scale, some (most?) of the world's subway systems. A few quick observations:

1. Damn, London is bigger than I thought.

2. Damn, Tokyo is smaller than I
thought. Really well connected though (obviously).

3. Paris! Tu me manques!

4. I feel very inadequate living in Chicago, comparing our subway system to others around the world. Come on, CTA, let's add some lines just for the hell of it!

5. Atlanta's subway looks like the L.A. subway's younger brother.

6. Beijing's subway is hilarious. It really is an ode to minimalism. I guess Confucious wasn't kidding when he said that there is "one single thread binding my way together".

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