Monday, June 04, 2007

BB Speaks

Although she doesn't really say anything of substance. Whatever, it's a BB interview in the New York Times, and I'm linking to it.

By the way, this may sound a little weird, but doesn't she, uh, you know, look kinda hot? I know she's almost 55, but have a look at the picture in the article and tell me I'm wrong.


Sarah said...

Ahsan, I saw that picture. Has she had work done? She looks TOO good for someone who had the weight of Pakistan on her shoulders. That's some crazy yoga or a hell of a doctor. I have more wrinkles than she does! Does THAT qualify as smoking hot?

Now Husain is going to rail on me for giggling about his friend. I'm a bad person.

Ahsan said...

well, "smoking hot" is being a tad too kind. but she looks good, yes? one more reason to support her, i say.

i doubt very seriously hh checks this blog on a regular basis. i would suggest you are therefore completely safe, and have merely pissed off just the one person from FP today.