Thursday, June 07, 2007

How Can I Not Post An Article That Begins With These Three Paragraphs?

It was said to provoke epileptic seizures. Someone compared it to a broken swastika or “some sort of comical sex act between ‘The Simpsons.’ ” The mayor was not amused.

The rollout of London’s new logo for the 2012 Olympics, in other words, has not been an unalloyed triumph.

Two days after it was introduced on Monday, the logo — a composition of subway-graffitilike, jagged-edged cutouts roughly denoting the figures 2012, in pink and yellow — has become front-page news. One newspaper, The Sun, ran a competition to discover whether amateur designers — two of whom it identified in its pages as a monkey and a blind woman — could do better.

Go read the whole thing.

Photo credit: Tom Hevezi/Associated Press

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