Wednesday, August 22, 2007

On Chelsea, And Why They Shouldn't Have Any Fans

I was watching the Chelsea-Liverpool game on the weekend and, to be perfectly honest, I don’t understand how Chelsea have any fans at all. Seriously. Starting from the manager down, they’re a bunch of pricks. They really are. Every single decision taken by the referee is a cause for umbrage. Their reactions suggest that Chelsea players never actually commit fouls. The ball never actually touches them last before going out. They’re never caught offside, and they all volunteer at Mother Teresa’s homeless shelter in their spare time.

Ashley Cole is by far the worst. As if his off-the-pitch assholicness was not enough – remember him bitching out Arsenal before his move to Chelsea? – he’s a complete and utter dick on the pitch. Every time the ref blows his whistle against him – even when it’s absolutely justified – he throws his arms up, launches a blistering profanity-laced tirade at the ref, and makes it seem as if he’s been hard done by.

Here’s my question: why don’t refs punish this sort of behavior more often? If a player protests a decision – and I’m using “protests” in the loosest possible sense of the term – why doesn’t the referee give the guy a yellow card for dissent? After all, they would be perfectly well within their rights to do so. Plus, if more refs were willing to yellow card ridiculous behavior, it stands to reason that you would see less of the ridiculous behavior. If managers hate one thing, it’s their players picking up needless yellow cards. If Cole and his brethren were penalized more often by the men in black, you wouldn’t have to wait long for Mourinho and other managers to ensure that their players are better behaved on the pitch. Why the referees tolerate this nonsense in football, when officials in no other sport do so, is beyond me.

By the way, I’m not saying this because I have some sort of aversion to watching players swear at the ref (even though I do). I’m saying this because the pressure that teams like Chelsea exert on the referee is a very real phenomenon that has very real and tangible results. By now, I’m sure everyone has seen the atrocious decision that granted Chelsea a penalty against Liverpool. I don’t blame the ref for that decision, but the Chelsea players. They were all over the ref the entire game. What’s worse is that Mourinho, ever ready to complain when his side is on the wrong end of a penalty decision (which doesn’t happen often), said after the game he couldn’t pass judgment on the decision (even though a blind, deaf man could) and that the result was a fair one since, according to him, Liverpool played better in the first half and Chelsea better in the second (which was bullshit). So when Chelsea draw a game that they should have lost as a result of a horrible penalty decision, it’s a fair result. When, however, Chelsea have a player sent off unfairly, the referee receives death threats and has to retire. Nice, Jose. Really nice.


Aamer said...

I am going to start by making a few clarifications, I am not a blogger and certainly not as eloquent as you are.
Second, I am a die hard Chelsea fan and have been for over 10 years... going back to the days of Di matio, Di Gui, Zola, Vialli, desalily, casaraghi, melchiot and so on...(Im certain ive butchered the names but you get the idea). In short, im not a front runner but a true Chelsea fan responding to you're assertions.

Now to your comments, what team does not make a fuss after fouls are given and put pressure on the ref,look back to the world cup before last in the quarter final when Italy lost to S Korea. Instead of giving Italy the penalty Toti got the red card..
Another example of this was Kanu for Portsmouth in their 2-1 win against Watford when he could have easily stayed up and shot at goal, but decided to fall down instead.
Blackburn versus Tottenham Hotspur the amount of controversy was ridiculous and the controversy lingered for the longest time... They are more examples of such behavior these are just some....

Now for "assholicness" Rooney, Ronaldo, Roy Keane, Beckham, are all Assholes on and off the the field and no body seems to make a fuss about that. Yes Cole was wrong about the stuff he said but Gallas who went to Arsenal in the same deal had nothing nice to say about Chelsea either another detail people tend to forget.

I disagree with you're idea of having the officials give more yellow cards, the last world cup was a JOKE for this exact reason. It would change nothing but ruin the B-E-A-utifull game of football.

To end, can you mention a time when Wenger or Ferguson actually said they did not deserve a penalty or did not deserve to win. You pick on Jose and that seems unfair to me...

Before Chelsea became rich, United was the club that bought all the hot shots and was the target of everyones abuse.. For some reason nobody seems to bring that up anymore. The fact is Money does not always win championships though it helped Chelsea a lot, there are teams like Real Madrid who buy the big names and have 0 consistency...

Ali said...

first of all. SHUT UP, win a title first. You seem like a liverpool fan. Why the hell didnt you say anything last season when liverpool got away with so many penalties.

Since you are comparing. Three times in a row baby. When is the last time liverpool actually won a title?

Ahsan said...

aamer: many of the points you raised are valid ones. i will only reiterate that chelsea are perhaps the worst behaved big team in english football and one of the worst in european football. i think most neutral observers would agree with me. as for the manager comparison, all i know is that no ref has ever received death threats and had to retire from the game b/c of wenger or ferguson. the problem with jose is that he keeps harping on supposed injustices well after the game which riles up chelsea fans even more. i would also say other teams dont consistently get in the face of the the ref the way chelsea do, for whom it seems to be a team mantra. its like having 11 rooneys. finally, on the yellow card business, i will only say that it will actually make the game more beautiful if referees are consistent with their intolerance for bullshit behavior, and players learn (which they will). doing it in isolated tournaments here and there will of course have an adverse effect (as you say), which is why its important that it become a pervasive notion.

ali: calm down bro. first of all, im a barcelona fan. i couldnt care less about a liverpool-chelsea match, other than for its footballing quality. secondly, chelsea won two in a row, not three (05 and 06). thirdly, calm down.