Thursday, September 20, 2007

BB In The WP

Well, if you're going to write an op-ed in a foreign newspaper, you might as well give it a suitably grand title. I think "When I Return to Pakistan" just about covers it. She doesn't say anything we haven't already heard so I'll limit my reaction in substance and words.

One, BB really needs to stop pandering to the West in general and the U.S. in particular. I say this as a pretty strong supporter of her party, her agenda and, dare I say, her. But if these constant meetings with British and American officials, speeches to think tanks in Washington and New York, interviews to Western newspapers and news agencies, and op-eds are starting to tire me out, I can only imagine what they are doing for people who don't like her. She needs to understand the more she cozies up to Uncle Sam, the more Papa Pakistan is likely to shun her. She needs to, in a word, stop.

Two, I think it is quite instructive that when she speaks of her "dialogue" with Musharraf, she speaks in the past tense (she uses the word "held"). What it means is unclear, but I do think that a deal is unlikely at this point. Stranger things have happened though, not least in the last six months, so any definite forecast is fraught with danger.

Three, you've got to love someone who quotes Stalin in one paragraph and Bush in the next.

That's it for me. Good night.

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