Monday, September 17, 2007

The Most Pointless Controversy In Indo-Pak Relations Ever (And That's Really Saying Something)

One of the reasons I study international politics is because many times it's funnier than most things on TV. Exhibit A in the study of complete retardedness that is the relationship between India and Pakistan is the meaningless mini-tiff, or mintiff, that took place on the question of the tourism to the Siachen glacier. Not the issue of the Siachen glacier itself, which is apparently too complex for our dumbass diplomats to actually solve, but the issue of tourism to the Siachen glacier. The Indian Army decided one bright day to allow trekkers up to the heights of Siachen because, well, I'll let them tell it: "Since Siachen is a part of India, I [Indian Army Chief of Staff JJ Singh] have decided to allow adventure tourism so that people enjoy the natural beauty there and also tell the whole world." Anyway, as one would expect, our Foreign Ministry took sharp notice of this and promptly lodged an official protest. India, to its credit, realized that this had the potential to become the dumbest diplomatic stand-off since Spain and Morocco tangled over an uninhabited island the size of a football field which took 75 troops - yes 75 - to occupy, and disallowed the tourist expedition. All of 20 people were affected.

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