Monday, September 03, 2007

My First YouTube Video (Zahid Fazal Being Congratulated By A Maniacal Fan In Sharjah With Zamzam Water)

Last night, Ali Kabir and I were watching highlights from Wasim Akram's career on a DVD we got from Pak Sports in Rainbow center. One of the clips was a bouncer that Wasim bowled to former Sri Lankan batsman Asanka Gurusinha in a match at Sharjah which Gurusinha hooked down to fine leg where he was caught spectacularly by Zahid Fazal.


The reactions to the catch were some of the funniest I have ever seen. So funny, in fact, that despite my technological dimwittedness, I decided to make my first YouTube video. Since I don't have any of these fancy schmancy video programs on my computer, I just used my digital camera to record what we were watching on the TV screen. This obviously caused that flickering thing that shows up on some videos and made for pretty pathetic video quality, but no matter. The sequence is still hilarious.

The first thing to notice is Zahid Fazal's reaction. His face suggests complete and utter disbelief with the fact that he caught it. This is why you hear my voice on the video, saying the words "He can't fucking believe he caught it" in between spots of my hysterical laughter. This is especially funny because this Wasim Akram DVD showed our fielding at its most inept. If Pakistani fans complain about our catching now, they should see these old videos. We dropped everything. Anyways, Zahid Fazal knew full well that we dropped everything, which is why he was so surprised when he actually caught this.

The second and far more hilarious thing is that after Zahid Fazal takes the catch, a crazy bearded man runs on to the field with a bottle of Zamzam water. The Zamzam Well in Mecca, for those who do not know, is considered holy by Muslims and so is its water (for the record, the water tastes funny and I have never liked it). Anyway, so this guy, beard and all, comes haring on to the field, just sprinting away. He pushes away all of Zahid Fazal's teammates, who want to congratulate him, and pours him a glass of Zamzam water, which Zahid Fazal dutifully drinks with a sheepish smile on his face. I swear to God, I have not laughed so hard watching cricket in my life (it wasn't just me, by the way. Kabir almost had tears running down his eyes). We laughed so hard, in fact, that we decided we must share this with the world. Thus the idea for the amateur video.

Behold, loyal readers of Rs. 5. This is my first YouTube video.


Moss J said...

Im notice that our dear writer Ahsan simply had to mention about the Ab-a-Zamzam water that: "the water tastes funny and I have never liked it".

I point this out not because I think he is making fun of the water or the religion. There is undoubtedly a complete belief on the moderat readers of this forum that our writer holds the religion in contempt.

I simply found this a little, i dont know, "cute". Ahsan cannot but help display how he does not succumb to the illusions and precepts of Islam.

Including his comments about the water just shows his need to show how cool he is that he doesnt attach automatic reverence to certain features of my religon.

Moss J said...

Sorry Ahsan about disgressing from the topic itself. I just thought your comment was amusing.

As for video, yes, i think the bearded guy running out to give water was very funny.

The catch reaction i dont think was as funny as you so proclaim. But maybe becoz his facial features are not clear. But it seem no different than Saeed Anwar's reaction to catcing Damien Martyn off Akhtar's bolwing in the final one day in Australia (Anwar with beard).

Asad said...

"for the record, the water tastes funny and I have never liked it"

it wouldn't be ahsan if his aversion to religion was not clarified, even in the most minute of cases.

of course this is the guy who said "aur mano Allah mein" after someone complained about being hungry whilst fasting in Ramadan.

don't ever change bro, we love you just the way you are!

Ahsan said...

oh god, moss j and asad, chill the hell out. it was just a random sentence and it was not a manifestation of my nefarious designs to undermine and destroy islam from within. i was just pointing out that the water tastes different and that i dont really like it. can you say with a straight face you like drinking zamzam water? probably not, right? so what the hell is the big deal?

Asad said...

no big deal... you're just funny.

zeyd said...

That was so classic dude. At first I thought it was chacha cricket but I was wrong, so wrong. If anything, the improbability of that catch was deserving of holy (albeit funny tasting) zamzam.