Monday, September 10, 2007

Nawaz Sharif, Deported

What a day to be traveling, eh? The day I'm leaving to go back to Chicago is the day Nawaz Sharif, Pervez Musharraf, the police and PIA play this retarded he's-landed-now-he's-gone game. In a way, I'm quite pleased with this. Why, you ask? Well, because it gives the news channels something substantive to report. After hours and hours of coverage yesterday on what Nawaz Sharif's flight number was, where exactly he was in Heathrow airport at what point, and what color his goddamn boarding pass was, it's nice to see some real news on TV.

At this point, no one can have an informed opinion about the whys and hows of this entire episode. I suppose Rs.5 will be immersed in discussions about this for the next few days. I will only say that any government formed by elections in which Nawaz Sharif is not allowed to participate - even if the elections are "free and fair" - will be illegitimate. The fissures currently dividing the country (moderate/extremist, rural/urban, rich/poor, center/province) will widen considerably. If this is simply what it seems - and that is the illegal deportation of a Pakistani citizen - then it is a bad, bad move by the government, both for its own and the country's sake.


NB said...

Im just curious as to what sharif was expecting to happen.

Ali Kabir said...

GEO somehow managed to get tehir camera man inside Nawaz's plane AND inside the airport. You can see two things in these
1. Nawaz is all teary eyed when he's not allowed to get off and then told he's leaving (as though this was an utter shock)

2. Their appear a few other passengers on the plane / airport and they couldnt give a fuck, they just wanted to fucking get out of the plane.

quite funny really.

There's meant to be a nation-wide strike today, and well, its failed. I'd planned on leaving work early on the pretext of the strike, but now there appears no way of pulling that off.