Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Only in Pakistan

Daily Times reports in its apparently serious, lead, business column:

"The Karachi stock market witnessed a bullish trading session on the first day of the trading week Monday on account of deportation of former premier Nawaz Sharif."

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NB said...

Trust that fat idiot to cry. What the hell did he think was going to happen? I will admit that Im quite glad insde that hes been made to fuck back off to Saudi. My cheerfulness may fade if things turn out for the worse with respect to the SC which still has to be faced, but right now heres to hoping that we just witnessed good riddance to bad rubbish.

Incidentally, Shoiab is also a jackass, and a jungli. Pakistan should formally ask Saudi if theyll take him as well.

Asad said...

That our 'government' has deported Nawaz is already a 'turn for the worse, with respect to SC'.

Get a clue.

Also, would you rather a leader shed a tear when being deported from his own country...
... Or would you prefer a leadership of people perfectly stoic after being responsible for massacres on the streets of Karachi?

The question of legality with respect to Nawaz's deportation, and the implications it has for the establishment of democracy and the rule of law trumps whatever feelings you have about the former PM himself.

I'm just wondering.

Ahsan said...

asad is right. no matter what we think of ns, it is legally and morally wrong for him to be deported (not to mention, dozens of plm-n workers and leaders jailed). like i said in my post, no government formed now can be legitimate. at the most, he should have been arrested on charges of hikacking and terrorism and faced trial IN PAKISTAN. it is another matter entirely that the supreme court is no longer a neutral arbiter of these matters and thus any trial involving ns would have been a sham: the government would have stood no chance.

NB said...

thanks for that clue comment asad, Im now a better person.

As for the turn for the worse thing, yeah it probably is. Doesnt change the fact that theres a part of me that was happy to see him get the boot, and that hopes that Pakistan can move on without him. Ill just point out that thats different from saying I too would have expelled him had i been in a position to decide.

Nawaz sharif crying is funny, and pathetic at the same time. The surprise it indicates is funny, because, really, he should have expected as much. The sorrow it indicates is pathetic, because i dont beleive he was crying about the blow delivered to 'democracy' in Pakistan. At best he was crying because he got booted out his home country, one he ironically almost ruined due to a mix of incompetence and dubious intentions. At worst, he was crying because he was denied an opportunity to do it all over again.

Would i prefer the present leadership over NS? Well, on the party side, choosing between the PMLQ and the PMLN is a bit of a false choice really. On the personality side, sure Id vote for mush over NS anyday, if hed let me.

Faraz Hasan said...

The part about the stock market is true. I happened to be following the market that morning. It opened way down (100+ points). Gained a bit when Nawaz was arrested and shot upwards when the news of his deportation broke!

Ahsan said...

burney, asad's point is not about (a) making you a better person or (b) convincing you that NS is better than the present leadership. his point, as is mine, is simply that he should not have been deported. "pakistan moving on without him" is not up to you or PM. it is up to the voters of pakistan, however misguided they may.

NB said...

dude, I was aware of the valid point that you and asad had made. So as to avoid miscontruing what I have said, you may need to re-read what I have written above in the previous two comments.

Ali Kabir said...

I agree with all of the above!

I do think its not right to forcibly send NS back, its just plain wrong! And it robs the next political force i.e. BB of any legitmacy, though one could argue doing the deal already did that. But worst of all now it seems that the only politician with any 'legitmacy' left is Imran Khan, and I really hate him.

I'll echo NB as well, though I didnt want this to happen I'm not shedding any tears for that nehari eating dumbass.

A point to ponder, Ahsan a few months ago weren't you claiming that NS should not be allowed back, I distinctly remember you stating 'doesnt a contract mean anything any more'. NB were you there? I could be mistaken.

Ali Kabir said...
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Ahsan said...

well yes and no. i think a contract is a contract, but im not sure about the legal viability of this particular one. plus this is a legal issue to be debated IN PAKISTAN, i.e. the legitimacy of the contract (and the charges of corruption, terrorism and hijacking) should be decided by a jury or a judge IN PAKISTAN.

i dont even know what the hell we're debating. i think all of us agree he should have been allowed to stay. bus, end of story.